Care, Compassion and Professionalism – One Patient’s Perspective

For most out-of-towners, the Northwoods is a retreat from the everyday hustle of a busy life. From the peaceful quiet of a sunset over the lake to the roaring engine of an ATV on the trails, most people keep coming back to the serenity of their home away from home. So, when Mike Bridwell of Stillman Valley, Illinois, started experiencing unfamiliar symptoms and behavior at his brother-in-law’s cabin on Dunn Lake, his family knew that they would need to seek care far away from the comforts of home. Mike had been hospitalized at age 60 after a hip replacement, but at the age of 72 when he started to quickly lose track of memories, become verbally incoherent and extremely agitated and fidgety, his family immediately sought help. They chose Spooner Health.

Quick Action Reverses a Critical Situation

Mike was already being treated at Loyola University Medical Center for a liver disorder that had taken the life of his sister. His wife recognized the dangerous behavior that Mike himself could not see. His body was harboring ammonia in his bloodstream, and his erratic behavior was a sign of toxicity. He arrived in the emergency department agitated, but once he was admitted and began receiving treatment, his symptoms slowly dissipated as the ammonia was being removed from his body.

During this time, staff maintained consistent contact with his providers at Loyola University Medical Center, conferring on treatment and discharge plans. Mike says, “The experience was very good. I received exemplary treatment in your beautiful facility. I thought I was at a spa rather than a hospital.” He continues, “Every single staff member treated me like a person, instead of a number. You never would have known I was from out of town. I cannot speak highly enough of Spooner Health.”

Mike ultimately left in better health and spirits and returned to Stillman Valley within a few days. He was impressed with the verbal and written follow-ups from the staff at Spooner Health to make sure he was completing his aftercare instructions. Now, when he visits his home away from home, he can rest assured knowing there is a hospital close by that delivers high quality care with a personal and familiar touch.