Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Partners

The Volunteer Partners of Spooner Health is our volunteer program. The many volunteers and members of Partners make an important contribution to Spooner Health’s patients and the community.

Becoming a volunteer at Spooner Health is a great way to share your compassion and talents with others. In addition to the many hours of service donated each year, Partners donates funds to benefit health services and equipment needs, annual scholarships for high school seniors and local non-traditional students entering the field of healthcare. Partners is also committed to using raised funds to distribute toothbrushes and toothpaste to people in need via the local food pantries. Our volunteers also are active advocates on behalf of healthcare issues.

Examples of Partners fundraising projects include the silent auction, pie and ice cream social, bake sales and Love Light Tree. The Gift Shop, hosted by Partner volunteers, is also extremely successful in raising funds. Many employees and visitors enjoy shopping at the gift shop.

Whether you have a lot of time or a little, there is a place for you with Partners. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in healthcare and serving.

Partners of Spooner Health is a member of Partners of Wisconsin Association, an affiliate of Wisconsin Hospital Association.

Reap the benefits of being a Partner of Spooner Health Volunteer!  For more information, click here to view the partners brochure.

Please contact Allison at 715-939-1541 if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a volunteer!

We are currently seeking volunteers for the following roles:

  • Greeter/Escort Service—greet and escort patients and families to their destination
  • Gift Shop workers
  • Fundraising

Student Program Opportunities


Are you a Spooner High School senior or local non-traditional student going into a health-related field? If so, check out the Volunteer Partners of Spooner Health scholarship opportunities listed below. Don't miss out, the deadline is April 8, 2022!

+ Scholarship Application for Non-traditional Students
+ Scholarship Application for Spooner High School Seniors

Job Shadowing 

Spooner Health strives to offer guidance and mentorship through our job shadowing program for students interested in entering a healthcare-related field. Our mentors will help the students gain an understanding of the career and have the student follow them through their daily job duties.

High school juniors and seniors considering a healthcare field and college students studying healthcare fields are eligible to job shadow in high-demand job areas at Spooner Health. Departments available to students are nursing, imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, physical, occupational and speech therapy. Other areas may be available as requested.

To learn more about our job shadowing opportunities contact Emily Stariha at 715-939-1727 or estariha@spoonerhealth.com.

Educational Opportunities

Spooner Health has been a host site for a variety of students seeking clinical rotation and post-secondary fieldwork/internship training. This training provides an opportunity for a gradual transition from the university/school setting into an actual work setting. The program requires coordination with the student’s school to determine programming objectives and needs.

To learn more about clinical rotation, internship or fieldwork programs contact Cindy Paulson at 715-939-1512 or cpaulson@spoonerhealth.com.

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