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What makes working at Spooner Health special?

Employees shared that it’s the culture – the people, the teamwork, the atmosphere, it’s like having a second family. The employees at Spooner Health developed our standards of excellence – a commitment to making Spooner Health not only the best place for patient care but also the best place to work. Spooner Health has achieved employee engagement over the 90th percentile for the past 12 years. When you choose Spooner Health, you join a TEAM that CARES!

Located in beautiful Northwest Wisconsin, the community of Spooner is a very special place. Raising a family in rural Wisconsin is one of the big reasons that our employees choose to live here. Outdoor recreation is also a top reason that people choose to call this area home. With nearly 1,000 lakes, hundreds of miles of trails and thousands of acres of forest land, if you love the outdoors, you’re in the right place. Learn more about relocating to the area at

"At Spooner Health, the patients and their loved ones are at the center of our healthcare team. I'm so proud of the way we all work together to achieve what's best for our patients and community. I wouldn't trade my team for anything!"

- Josie
Job Title: RN House Supervisor
Years with Spooner Health: 5 Years

"I've never worked for a company that values its employees like Spooner Health. The culture here is like nothing I've ever known. The employee and leadership development opportunities are amazing. Spooner Health truly feels like home."

- Michelle Martin
Job Title: Public Relations & Marketing Director
Years with Spooner Health: Less than 1

"One of the many reasons I have worked over 20 years at Spooner Health is that it is community driven healthcare. We adjust to meet the needs of the community. It is easy to find passion for my work when I am able to give back to our community. We are very fortunate to be a part of such a beautiful community."

- Rachel
Job Title: Registered Nurse
Years with Spooner Health: 23 Years

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Spooner Health System's service area is currently classified as a Health Professional Shortage Area, qualifying for certain loan repayment programs. For more information, please contact our Human Resources Department.

Standards of Excellence

Our standards of excellence were created by employees for employees. Each of our employees has committed to themselves, their co-workers and Spooner Health to abide by the following standards of excellence. If you choose to apply for a position, you will be signing off that you are willing and able to follow these guidelines, thus committing yourself to providing excellent customer service both internally and externally.


I understand excellent communication is the foundation of positive customer service, acknowledging customers and co-workers while presenting a courteous, respectful and clear message.

Commitment To My Co-Workers

I promise to model Spooner Health values and show my commitment to my colleagues and hospital, demonstrating a positive attitude and demeanor and being supportive and cooperative in this team-oriented environment.

Customer Service

I will remember that customers are not an interruption of my work; they are the reason that I am here.


I pledge to provide excellence always in my care for others, recognizing, thanking, and rewarding positive behaviors, while presenting a professional image and maintaining a clean environment.


I am responsible to be competent in my role and knowledgeable of how I affect the financial and service success of Spooner Health. I will strive for excellence in my work performance.