Speech Therapy

The speech therapy program at Spooner Health helps patients with a wide range of needs, including:

  • Infants and pediatrics with feeding or swallowing issues.
  • Pediatrics with difficulties producing sounds, voice disorders or language delays.
  • Adults and geriatrics with swallowing or communication difficulties.
  • Alternative communication.
  • Attention and memory problems.

Our speech therapist collaborates with parents, families, caregivers and other professionals to develop and carry out specific care plans to meet the needs of every patient.

Patients referred to Spooner Health’s speech therapy for dysphagia or difficulty swallowing may be referred for either a clinical swallowing evaluation or a video fluoroscopic swallowing study.


Swallowing Evaluation

The evaluation is performed by a licensed speech-language pathologist and is completed in the therapy room or at bedside when seen in the hospital. The evaluation includes a review of the patient's history, oral mechanism exam, and trial feeding of selected foods and liquids. Evaluation time is approximately 60 minutes. A swallow evaluation determines the need for a video fluoroscopic swallow study. 

Video Fluoroscopic Swallow Studies

This exam is performed in imaging with a radiologist and licensed speech-language pathologist present. The patient is comfortably seated in the swallow study stretcher-chair or if able may stand.   The oral and pharyngeal stages of the swallow are assessed as various food and liquid textures are administered.   Treatment strategies may be trialed during the exam to increase swallowing safety. Exam time is approximately 30 minutes.

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