Speech Therapy

One-on-One Care with Our Expert Speech-Language Pathologist

Our Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) at Spooner Health provides specialized care for pediatrics, adults and geriatrics. We offer individualized assessments and personalized treatments, including family and caregiver training throughout the treatment process. We understand that communication between providers is critical to providing high-quality care and our team values and is committed to communication.


What types of conditions does speech therapy treat?

  • Adults and children with difficulty swallowing
  • Children with language delay, articulation delay or stuttering
  • Cognitive impairment or memory changes
  • Communication difficulties after stroke, head injury or aphasia
  • Adults with voice problems
  • LSVT Loud® for Parkinson's disease

Aphasia Support Group

Open to anyone with aphasia or friends and family of someone with aphasia. This group is a safe place to meet others, practice communication, learn new strategies and support one another. Topics and themes change each month.

Patients referred to Spooner Health’s speech therapy for dysphagia or difficulty swallowing may be referred for either a clinical swallowing evaluation or a video fluoroscopic swallowing study.

Swallowing Evaluation

The evaluation is performed by a licensed speech-language pathologist and is completed in the therapy room or at bedside when seen in the hospital. The evaluation includes a review of the patient's history, oral mechanism exam, and trial feeding of selected foods and liquids. Evaluation time is approximately 60 minutes. A swallow evaluation determines the need for a video fluoroscopic swallow study. 

Video Fluoroscopic Swallow Studies

This exam is performed in imaging with a radiologist and licensed speech-language pathologist present. The patient is comfortably seated in the swallow study stretcher-chair or if able may stand.   The oral and pharyngeal stages of the swallow are assessed as various food and liquid textures are administered.   Treatment strategies may be trialed during the exam to increase swallowing safety. Exam time is approximately 30 minutes.

Speech-Language Pathologist Provider:


Betsy Salquist, CCC-SLP

Spooner Health Main Entrance

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For driving directions, please visit our Contact page. When arriving at Spooner Health, follow the signs for the Main Hospital Entrance. This entrance is centrally located between the Clinic entrance and the Emergency entrance.

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