Hospitalist Program at Spooner Health

Spooner Health began the hospitalist program in 2015 to increase the quality of care for our patients. Our hospitalist providers are trained in hospital medicine and are able to spend more time with our patients, allowing us to provide better care and individualized treatment plans.

Hospitalists serve a vital role in communication between our patients, providers, and family members, leading to better patient outcomes. Our hospitalists maintain consistent communication with our patient's primary care and specialty physicians.

What is a hospitalist?

  • A hospitalist is a provider who specializes in the complete coordination of care for patients in the hospital. If you or a loved one is hospitalized, Spooner Health's hospitalists will oversee your care from admission through diagnosis, treatment and discharge. your hospitalist will communicate with your primary care physician as needed, providing updates, and involving them when necessary to provide the best team-oriented care possible.
  • When you or your loved one are discharged from the hospital, you will return to your primary care physician for follow-up and ongoing care, including any necessary specialty services.

What Our Hospitalists Do:

  • Coordinate patient care from admission through diagnosis, treatment and discharge.
  • Collaborate with primary and specialty care physicians.
  • Answer questions, go over test results and manage medical needs.
  • Specialize in the complete coordination of care for hospital patients.

Benefits of the Hospitalist Program:

  • Spooner Health's Hospitalist Program further enhances the care to our patients.
  • Hospitalists are able to exclusively care for hospital patients to provide personalized care while you recover.
  • Hospitalists dramatically improve the quality of care and service to our patients by coordinating care, improving communication and developing a discharge plan.
  • Our hospitalists are available 24/7, providing greater access for our patients and staff if questions arise.

Hospitalist Providers:

Brian Gaskill, DO

Brian Gaskill, DO   Back to Providers

Jennifer Zimmer

Jennifer Zimmer, APNP-BC

Jennifer Zimmer, APNP-BC Medical Degree: Masters of Science in Nursing, Family Practice APNP-BC Personal Interests: Mother of three, so anything they like to do. In our spare time we are…