Middle School Students Raise Money for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy at Spooner Health

Spooner Middle School students raised money for a great cause. Student council member, 7th grader Annika Patrick, had the idea to raise money for people receiving chemotherapy at Spooner Health. The entire 5th through 8th grade student council loved the idea and were excited about doing something that would truly make a difference during a very difficult time in people’s lives.

The entire school participated in the fundraising events organized by the student council. The events included taping the principal, Mr. Larrabee, to the wall, a pit-in-the-face contest, bake sales, middle school dance and bracelet sales.

The students raised over $1,400! They used the money to purchase Visa gift cards, which were given to Michelle Ford, Spooner Health Infusion Services Director, to give to patients receiving chemotherapy. “We are so grateful for all of the students’ hard work and passion for helping people in our community,” Michelle says. “This was such a generous and meaningful gift to pass on to our patients receiving chemo. They appreciated it so much!”