Infusion Therapy Right Here in Spooner

The travel required for chemotherapy and other long-term treatments for chronic conditions can put a huge strain on both patients and their families. Not only is travel costly, it can also be especially difficult and unpleasant when you’re not feeling well. But you don’t have to travel far for these lifesaving treatments thanks to Infusion Services available at Spooner Health. Infusion Services offers a wide range of medical treatments delivered directly into the body for conditions like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, and infections such as Lyme disease.

Saving Time, Stress

“I think it’s important to have the opportunity to receive infusion therapy close to home for a number of reasons,” explains Michelle Ford, Infusion Services Director. “First, the cost of travel to an out-of-town location to receive treatments can be a burden. Many individuals needing infusion therapy are already feeling stressed because of their health situation, which can be financially difficult. Adding in the costs for gas and other travel expenses compounds this difficulty. Also, the time spent traveling can be substantial, and if you need someone to drive, it can be a lot of time for both of you. Some individuals receiving treatment may also not feel well. White they may not be sick enough to need to stay in the hospital, travel can add to their discomfort. Any time you can alleviate some of the stress associated with treatment it gives people more of an opportunity to focus on healing.”

Infusion Services at Spooner Health are not only for those whose doctors are located nearby. In fact, you can receive infusion therapy at Spooner even if your doctor is on the other side of the country. “As long as they are credentialed to practice medicine, it doesn’t matter where your doctor is,” says Michelle. “There is no need to transfer doctors, you can keep your own physician. We provide the medication so you don’t have to travel to where the physician is for every treatment.”

Compassionate, Knowledgeable Staff

At Infusion Services, oncology certified nurses are always on hand to monitor your treatment and answer any questions you may have. “Our nurses who provide the chemotherapy and other medications are specially trained,” explains Michelle. “They take courses through the Oncology Nursing Society to learn about the standards of care and safety aspects of administering those treatments.”

In addition to our registered nurses, Spooner Health is also fortunate to have on-site pharmacists available. “Our pharmacists spend a lot of time face-to-face with those receiving infusion treatments,” says Michelle. “They are an excellent resource for explaining and answering questions about your medications.”

An Inviting, Open Space

At Spooner Health, infusion therapy takes place in an open room where individuals undergoing treatment can socialize as well as relax and enjoy a natural view out the windows that line the room.

“People love to be able to visit with each other during treatment,” says Michelle. “Sometimes people will end up coming in on the same days regularly and get to know each other well during treatment. Often, they can become their own little support group. This relationship can help make time go by faster during treatment.” Friends and family are also welcome to accompany you to treatment at Spooner Health.

There is a private room available for those who prefer to receive their treatment in a more private setting. “Whether using the open or private room, nursing staff are always right there to answer any questions and help people know they have someone watching over their treatment at all times,” adds Michelle.

Find Out More

If you or a loved one requires infusion therapy to treat a chronic condition, Spooner Health offers skilled, compassionate treatment close to home. For more information about Infusion Services, visit or call 715-939-1637