Comforting Care Close to Home

You may not know Emily Iverson’s name, but you may have heard of what she’s been doing for over 40 years: making dogs look fresh and clean as a well-established professional dog groomer. Born and raised in the area, she and her husband moved to Spooner on a 40-acre farm in 1980 after spending some time working in the Minneapolis area. Although her husband has since passed, she owns and continues to run Dog Patch Grooming Parlor; even while going through her latest battle with stage 3 breast cancer.

Emily is no stranger to health scares. In 2014, she was diagnosed with her first bout of breast cancer but chose to doctor in Duluth at Essentia Health. She had a lumpectomy as well as radiation and with due diligence, followed up every year after. Then, in June of 2021, her worst fears came true. During her routine mammogram at Spooner Health, a second cancer was found in her left breast. Although facing the unknown, Emily recalls being very impressed with the cooperation Spooner Health had with her oncologist. She had a mammogram in the morning and by the time she was at her appointment in the afternoon, her doctor had clear results. The mammogram showed cancer and after a trip to Duluth for a biopsy, it was confirmed: stage 3 breast cancer.

While there was an initial shock with the news of cancer – again – one thing was certain: Emily did not want to travel back and forth to Duluth. When she found out that Spooner Health had infusion therapy, she talked to a friend who “glowed” about her experience here. Once she started treatment, she quickly found out why.

“The entire crew at Spooner Health, no matter who I met, took care of my needs tremendously well. Everyone
made sure I was comfortable and taken care of. I cannot say enough about Penny in infusion therapy either. She was just fantastic and deeply involved in my care.”

She received chemotherapy from Spooner Health for three months until she developed a peripheral duodenal ulcer. After some complications, Emily had surgery in Minneapolis and had to temporarily pause chemotherapy treatments. Even through all her difficulties, Emily maintains a great attitude and a hearty laugh.

“I am so thankful we have such wonderful medical care available to us; it is medical professionals that have pulled me through the hardest of times and I am so thankful. I really thought I was going to die and now to get back to the point where I feel like me again is wonderful.”

Cancer is scary. Treatments are tough. But one thing is certain – the kind and caring nurses and staff in Spooner Health’s Infusion Services are dedicated to providing a comfortable, quiet and confidential experience for their patients. Not convinced? Just ask Emily!