C-Arm Machine Makes Advanced Surgical Procedures Possible at Spooner Health

As technologies continue to move healthcare forward, doctors are able to perform complicated procedures with better results and fewer complications. In keeping with our tradition of bringing advanced technologies close to home, Spooner Health is pleased to announce a new C-arm unit is now available that enables are surgeons to provide even greater services for our community.

What is a C-Arm?

“The C-arm is essentially a live X-ray,” explains Katrina Haskins, Surgical Services Director. “This device is used by a physician to guide surgical instruments during surgery. It is called a C-arm because of the ‘C-shape’ it has. This shape allows the C-arm to move in all directions so that images of the patient can be produced from almost any angle. Using the C-arm, physicians are able to identify and check details during a surgical procedure such as bone structure, blood flow and other important images often captured with X-ray.”

Expanding Services

The C-arm supports a wide range of procedures, including orthopedic, podiatric and urologic. “Having this piece of equipment will both enhance surgeries that we already perform and will give us the opportunity to expand the types of surgeries that we currently do,” explains Katrina. Some procedures that may previously have required a referral to another healthcare organization, such as repairing a fractured hand, wrist or foot, can now be performed at Spooner Health.

“With so many specialists seeing patients at Spooner Health and the addition of this wonderful piece of equipment, we are excited to offer an expansion of progressive services to our community,” says Katrina. “The C-arm is very beneficial to our patients as it enables us to provide advanced technology right here in Spooner so people don’t need to travel far for treatment.”