Board of Directors Changes at Spooner Health

SPOONER, WI (December 29, 2016)—The year 2016 brought about some changes for Spooner Health including a move to their new facility on the north side of town at 1280 Chandler Drive. Spooner Health also had a transition in board members in 2016.

Sheldon Johnson comes off Board of Directors

Sheldon Johnson’s time on Spooner Health’s Board of Directors came to an end in August 2016 after faithfully serving on the hospital’s board for twelve years. He is the Executive Director for the Northwest Regional Planning Commission and is very involved in the local community. Johnson was the hospital’s Board Chair for six years and heavily involved in the planning of the new hospital and saw the building project to completion. “During the planning phase leading up to the construction of the new hospital, community input and projected future health care needs were always a part of our discussions,” said Johnson. “I believe the new hospital will serve the community well for decades to come.” 

“Sheldon has been an outstanding board member,” said Mike Schafer, Spooner Health CEO. “He has provided exceptional leadership as the Board Chair, and has been involved in all of the important governance committees. He has really played an important role in determining what was best for our community which eventually led to the building of our new facility.”

“One of the things I valued about the hospital board was their dedication to our community-based hospital,” said Johnson. “The board’s discussions were always about providing high-quality care, seeking opportunities to provide healthcare options close to home for community residents, and ensuring health services were available to all.” 

 Dr. Brian Gaskill joins the Board of Directors

Dr. Brian Gaskill joined the Spooner Health Board of Directors in August 2016.  He is a board certified family physician and started full-time practice at Essentia Health—Spooner Clinic in 2008. He attended medical school at Oklahoma State University – College of Osteopathic Medicine and earned his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in 2005. Dr. Gaskill currently serves as Vice-Chief of Staff at Spooner Health and Section Chair at the Essentia Health-Spooner Clinic.

“This is a great opportunity to be more involved with Spooner Health,” said Gaskill. “Spooner Health is a great hospital and I look forward to fostering further improvement and changes as medicine becomes more dynamic.” Gaskill adds, “I enjoy the opportunity to assist with staying on the forefront of healthcare, yet remaining relevant to a small town community.”

“Dr. Gaskill will be a great asset to our board going forward,” says Schafer. “He is very knowledgeable about healthcare and also brings the perspective of being an involved community member. Having an additional physician board member brings the much needed perspective of the medical community to the board decision making process.” 

Other board members include Chair Jamie Morales, Vice-Chair Dr. Mike Knoepke, Treasurer Adam Liegl, Secretary Dr. Mark Van Etten, Nancy Markgren, and Maureen Revak.