At the Heart of the Matter are the People who Matter

Don and Barb Douglas didn’t expect to end up in Spooner, Wisconsin but as life’s unexpected moments invariably happen, they sure are glad they did. It is right here that they received high-quality care from the team at Spooner Health.

Don was born and raised in Darlington, Wisconsin and was drawn into the family business of logging. Between being employed for other sawmill operations, log yards and then also owning his own business with his sons, his work brought him to Bagley, Wisconsin where he met Barb. Between the two of them, they have six children, 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Don found himself recently hospitalized here at Spooner Health for a bladder infection, which in older adults, can present itself as confusion, dizziness, agitation, falling and even hallucinations. When left untreated, these types of infections can lead to hospitalization, kidney failure and even death. While here
at Spooner Health, Don recalls having a great experience.

“Everyone was extremely nice. I like to talk to people and I couldn’t ask for a more friendly staff.”

As he was getting ready to be discharged, Social Services Director Diane Neste worked with Don and Barb to receive care once he was at home too. Transitioning from around-the-clock care at a hospital to care at home is important to Spooner Health. We want to make sure that all patients stay healthy and live
independently as long as possible. While at home, Don receives occupational and physical therapy services to strengthen his legs and upper body, as well as wound care and basic-needs care like bathing.
Barb is extremely grateful for Spooner Health Home Care. She is admittedly exhausted and says it is nice to have the extra help.

To us, care is personal. Our care team is committed to knowing you, your goals and what
matters. When we get to the heart of the matter, we can deliver excellent care to every patient, every time.