2023 Volunteers of Spooner Health Scholarships Awarded

Mike Schafer, CEO of Spooner Health, representing both Spooner Health and the Volunteers of Spooner Health, presented three local students each with a $2,000 scholarship on Wednesday, May 17 during a ceremony at the Spooner High School. Formerly known as the Auxiliary, Volunteers of Spooner Health is a non-profit volunteer organization. This small group of individuals make a huge difference supporting various projects at the hospital and throughout the community.

“At some point in all our lives, we will rely on a healthcare provider,” said Mike, “A career in healthcare means that you will have the opportunity to make a difference in many lives.” The Volunteers are proud to provide scholarships each year to students going into a health-related field. The applications are reviewed in a blind process with names removed. Other criteria considered for these scholarships include academic success in high school, involvement in school and community activities, and unpaid volunteer work. The Volunteers organization provides $1,000 for each scholarship which is matched by Spooner Health for a total of $2,000 per recipient.

The scholarships being given out are in memory of Lu McLellan, Inez Shaffer and Mary Sundeen. These ladies were active members of the Auxiliary/Volunteers organization for many years. This year’s recipients of the $2,000 Volunteers of Spooner Health scholarships are:

In Memory of Lu McLellan: Julia Corbin

In Memory of Mary Sundeen: Sydney Greenfield

In Memory of Inez Shaffer: Victoria LaBrie

Congratulations to the scholarship recipients and best wishes in your pursuit of a career in healthcare. Spooner Health also wishes to congratulate all the Class of 2023 graduates.